Plants of the Coastal Forest Garden

Indigenous plants are used alongside introductions to constantly explore the carrying capacity of the garden.

Various microclimates are made use of including the protection afforded by two greenhouses on the site.

Crop successions are an important and satisfying part of the annual round as they appear each season with no or very little preparation.

The ground layer- Dandelion,Hawkbit, Hawkweed, Catsear, Plantain, Primrose, Common Mallow, Mallow Moschata. Sea Beet, Sea Radish, Sorrel, Meadow Rocket, Turkish Rocket, Italian Rocket, Leaf Celery, Rock Samphire, Sedum Reflexum, Sedum Spectabile, Sedum Telephonium, Lettuce Salad Bowl, Chinese Mustard, Chives, Chinese Chives, Welsh Onion, Land Cress, Chickweed, New Zealand Spinach, Bladder Campion, Milk Thistle, Nipplewort, Pellitory of-the wall, Three Cornered Leek, Lambs Lettuce, Applemint, Spearmint, Pineapple Mint, Yarrow, Ladies Mantle, Salad Burnet, alpine strawberry.

The herb layer- Alexanders, Cow Parsley, Cow Parsnip, Evening Primrose, Tree Mallow, Mallow Crispa, Celtuce, Black Mustard, Wild Cabbage, Mugwort, Santolina, Rue, Rosemary, Russian Tarragon, French Tarragon, Marjoram, Mullein, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Russian Kale, Siberian Kale, Rhuburb, Curry Plant, Fennel.

The shrub layer- Blackcurrent, Redcurrent, Raspberry, Gooseberry, Gogi Berry, Chilean Guava, Nanking cherry, Fuschia berry, Quince, Applerose, The Salt Bush, The lemonade Bush (Rhus), The Oregon Grape ( Mahonia Japonica), The pineapple Guava (Frijoa), Canadian Elder.

The tree layer- Apple varieties (Discovery, Lane s Prince Albert, Blenheim Orange, Sunset, Egremont Russet, Ribston Pippin, Bramley, Irish Peach, Worcester Permain, Charles Ross, Tom Putt ,Ellisons Orange, Jonagold, Jupiter. John Downie Crab and self seeded of unknown parents.), Pears (Comice and William), Plums (Victoria and Opal) Apricot (Gold Cott), Almond (Robijn), Medlar (Nottingham), Mediteranean Medlar, Hawthorns (Arnoldiana, Schradiana, Douglassi), Buckthorns (Himalayan Tree and variety Hergo), Eleaegnus Ebbingei (Limelight, Coastal Gold, Forest Edge), Eleagnus Multiflora, Eleagnus Umbellata, The strawberry Tree, The Jujube Tree, Fig, Kentish Cobnut, Sorbus,Olive.

The climbers-Blackberry, hybrid berry, Nasturtium, The chocolate Vine (Akebia), Kiwi Fruit (Arguta), Grapes ( Black Hamburg and Muscat)

Invaluable Sources of Information- Agroforestry Research Trust Catalogue and publications ;  Plants for a Future - Ken Fern, book and website; The Herbal Books of Juliette de Bairacli Levy; The Forest Garden Robert A de J Hart; How to Make a Forest Garden Patrick Whitefield; Food For Free Richard Mabey; Salads The Year Round Joy Larcomb; A Discourse on Sallets John Evelyn 1699 and many other articles and publications seen across the years.

The plot was first planted in 1982 and has been added to across the years. A number of plants have failed or are struggling against the harshness of the environment; buffeted by salt laden winds from all four quarters, seduced into early growth by the mild winters and recently hit by a late frost, said to have been the worst for 54yrs in Cornwall, the high alkalinity of the soil which is mainly wind blown sand and the predation of rabbits and slugs and snails. Despite all this the last twenty five years have seen some progress that I hope to show on the following pages.