Permaculture Novels

These are from a series of books based on my experience of teaching lesser able 13 year old boys in the mid 1960’s to extend their imaginations and means of communication, for which I received a special commendation from the county’s senior schools inspector in December 1966. Coupling this with my experience of leading groups of schoolboys on lightweight camping treks through Shropshire and canoe/camping along the Trent Valley waterways I have launched a series of novels linking love of life, companionship and the land, suitable for any age. These are the first of a series of four.

The House by the lake
This is a story of restoration and resurrection
During the years following the 2nd world war.
A young English art student on a weekend visit
to Salzburg, to view an exhibition of pictures
painstakingly recovered on behalf of an absent
Austrian family, becomes involved in the
unfolding discoveries and along with a group
of artist friends discovers the healing effect of
a forest garden.

I really enjoyed your book - L.S.
Thoroughly enjoyable, scarcely a dull bit, a nice
ending…and well written too – J.
Excellent - F.L.
Wonderful – M.B.
I particularly enjoyed the part about teaching
children in a forest garden – B.B.

Price £7-50 plus p&p

Peter feels his world at an end when he has
to leave the city to live with an uncle in the country after his father’s death. Arriving to a bleak November landscape the worst of his fears are realised. Little by little as season follows season and his ring of friendships widens, both human and natural, the ‘Transplant’ takes to his new environment. What kind of fruit will it bear?

Enjoyable, very absorbing and an excellent
showcase for permaculture ideas – F.L.

Price £6-50 plus p&p