Raymond Yarwood
Testimonials from Schools, Staff, Clients and Other Groups – 1966 - 2013

West Midlands Staffordshire County Education Department
Report on ‘fine teaching’ from county’s senior schools inspector during Blessed William Howard School’s inspection of December 1966
Offered graded post January 1967
Careers counselling-Staffordshire Schools 1971 -1974
Calving Hill Secondary School, Cannock, March 1974 – Many thanks for your work on behalf of the pupils of Calving Hill School - Best Wishes in your new post - T. Gardiner, Headteacher.
Pelsall School, West Midlands April 1974 – Thank you for all your work here. Had you been staying I would have included careers education on next year’s timetable. Best wishes to you and your wife in your new life in the West Country – R. Thomas, Headteacher.

Testimonials gathered during the period 1974 – 1994 as an employee of Cornwall County Council Education Department:
A headteacher - Kerrier District 1983 (on promotion to Area Careers Officer, West Cornwall) - ….it is a tremendous task to keep abreast of all the developments which have occurred of late and I have always been most impressed with your capacity to provide first class knowledge and information very speedily. We shall miss you.
Head of Upper School  – Kerrier District 1983 - …it has been marvellous to know that whatever the problem, we always get your help and I personally have appreciated it.
County Careers Education Advisory Group – 1994 ------I have been asked to convey members’ thanks for all the good work you have done over the years.
Principal County Careers Officer – Many thanks Ray for your splendid years service. You have been a “credit to us all “.
Deputy Principal Careers Officer – ‘thank you for your years of service, your commitment and humanity.’

Members of staff – ‘ I am not alone when I say that you are a highly regarded colleague who will be missed in our midst for many a long day. R.V.T.
I have always been full of admiration for your positive attitude and enthusiasm for the Service and enthusiasm for the service to the young people we aim to guide. M.G.A.
Many thanks for your help and support since my return to Cornwall –Julie
Its 19 years Ray since we started. Thank you so much for all your support and help over the years – F.B.
Thank you for having faith in me - G.R.
Thank you for all that you have done for ME. It has been great working with you – Maryla
From adult clients – Thanks for everything – G
You gave me some very practical help at quite a desperate time – S.C.
(Those are a few taken from the 40 or so testimonials from schools, staff and associated groups)

                                                          Gardening groups
In just a few hours you have inspired us all – C.B. – Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change
Thank you for such an interesting and inspiring day – Vicky
Just to thank you so much for an excellent talk last night – Yvonne – Helston Organic Gardening Group.
Thank you both very much for giving up your time and knowledge on Sunday. It was a fabulous day R. & V.

                                            ( Taken from the many notes of thanks )

Most of my career has been focussed on helping individuals to some form of self fulfilment as indicated above.
In the midst of the present era of pessimism I still feel there is scope for healthy choices and I am fully convinced in the following assertion -
There is incredible generosity in the potentialities of nature. We only have to discover and utilise them.
E.F. Schumacher – 20th century economist and philosopher.