Garden Views

The garden has been excavated from sand dunes partway along St .Ives Bay
and exists on four levels.
Level 1 Looking North
Irish Peach, the first of the apples in the left
foreground, followed by Kentish Cob
hazel nuts on either side.

The tall willowy tree buckthorn shares the
middle ground with the Bramley Apple
and complete the tree planting level.

On the ground can be seen one of several wild
cabbages grown as a shrub together with
blackcurrant both of which appear elsewhere.
Level 2 Looking West
Berberis Darwinii on the left with Apple
Egremont Russet on the right. The flowers
of the long Rosa Rugosa hedge can be
seen in the middle ground with the
Azarolus-Red Italian close by on the left.
The tall male Tree Buckthorn can be seen
Rising from the middle of the level.  
Level 3 Looking South West
Wind damaged Umbellata with climber
Sunberry. Underneath are shrub cabbages
and rhubarb.In the background are
crataegus schradiana and Arnoldiana.
Both of these cultivated hawthorns
produce sweet berries, the silver leaved
schradiana performs much better than its
partner in these harsh maritime conditions.
Bank Looking South West towards Level 4
This is packed with drought resistant
herbs and shows Evening Primrose,
Fennel, the display of yellow flowers
of Wild Radish, the silver leaved
bush Buckthorn and Wormwood with
the bright leaves of Marjoram on the
extreme right.
Beneath these are Plantain, dandelion,
Hawkbit, catsear, and sedum.
All these are housed within 1.5 square
Metres of sandy bank.