Update 2020
The year has been one of mixed fortunes for the small forest up here on the sand dunes of St. Ives Bay. The two photographs, taken 38 years apart, the first in 1976 the year after we came to Barberton Cottages and the other from the same position in 2010 (see attached photos) demonstrates how dependent we are up here on the fungal highway running through the sand to provide essential services to plants. (see attached)

Activities on adjacent land in the past three years have destroyed part of the link resulting in the loss of a female tree sea buckthorn, Bramley, Irish peach and John Downie apples, a red bark myrtle, an ebbing berry and a jostaberry.  The area is currently being re planted with bush fruits.

Rapid growth because of increased CO2 in the atmosphere coupled with an increased frequency of high winds from all quarters has resulted in the uprooting of two trees on level 3 (see photo).

On a more positive note we have had new fruiting successes and at ground level we have been able to harvest edible plants every day of the year. See attached list with suggested recipes.

Who knows what 2021 will bring, but up here, among the sand dunes ?
We are attempting to keep Rachel Carson’s stream of life flowing increasing the diversity as we go.